It’s Easy to Share Your Music
April 2018

“It’s Easy to Share Your Music,” Ensign, April 2018

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It’s Easy to Share Your Music

Recent changes to the Church Music Submission process make it quick and easy for members to submit original work.

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Music is an important component of worship, and members are often divinely inspired as they create original sacred songs.

Each year, the Church Music Submission process receives an average of 500 submissions. Now, thanks to recent changes in the process, it’s quick and easy for members to submit original sacred music to the Church online.

Members simply create a profile with the online submission tool and submit their work in up to three categories of their choice. Various categories are available, including two recently added—youth music and international music. Those who submit material may also share the story behind their compositions.

Feedback has been received from members who have already submitted sheet music through the online tool, and they’re finding the process to be seamless. The tool, previously used for the Church’s International Art Competition, has recently been adapted to accommodate the Church Music Submission as well.

Each composition is reviewed by several music experts. The guidelines specify that music is judged according to “artistic merit, usefulness for home or Church, general appeal, ease of performance, originality, quality of text (if applicable), and compatibility of music to text (if applicable).”

Submissions are accepted year-round and considered for awards, including awards of distinction ($200), awards of merit ($100), and special recognition awards. Winners receive their awards in July, and all award-winning music is published online at music.lds.org for noncommercial use.