4 Important Changes at Conference
April 2018

“4 Important Changes at Conference,” Ensign, April 2018

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4 Important Changes at Conference

Here’s where you can find out more about the significant changes and announcements made at April general conference.

solemn assembly at general conference

During a solemn assembly held at general conference, Church members had the opportunity to signify their willingness to sustain Church leaders.

From a solemn assembly to sustain a new President and two new Apostles to the retiring of home and visiting teaching, there were significant changes for the Church announced at April 2018 general conference. Whether you missed it or just want to know more, here’s a summary of four major changes and where you can find additional information about them.

1. New Leaders Sustained

A new First Presidency and two new Apostles were sustained in a solemn assembly held during the Saturday morning session. During the Saturday afternoon session, additional new leaders were sustained, including five new members of the Presidency of the Seventy, eight new General Authority Seventies, a new Young Women General Presidency, a new counselor in the Primary General Presidency, and nearly 60 new Area Seventies.

2. Priesthood Quorums Restructured

At the ward level, Melchizedek Priesthood holders, both high priests and elders, will be part of the ward elders quorum, led by a presidency that may be composed of elders and high priests. At the stake level, the high priests quorum will include only those high priests currently serving in the stake presidency, in bishoprics, on the high council, or as functioning patriarchs.

3. Home and Visiting Teaching Become Ministering

President Nelson announced that the separate programs of home teaching and visiting teaching were “retired” to give way to a coordinated effort called “ministering.” Ministering is a “new and holier approach” meant to make caring for others simpler and more flexible in order to allow greater reliance on the Holy Ghost. Key changes include what is reported and the opportunity to invite Laurels and MiaMaids to serve as companions to Relief Society sisters as necessary.

4. Seven Temples Announced

President Nelson announced that new temples will be built in Salta, Argentina; Bengaluru, India; Managua, Nicaragua; Cagayan de Oro, Philippines; Layton, Utah, USA; Richmond, Virginia, USA; and a major city yet to be determined in Russia.