“O Wretched Man”

    “O Wretched Man,” Ensign, December 2017

    “O Wretched Man”

    The author lives in Utah, USA

    2 Nephi 4:17–35


    There are those days

    when shadows of

    my lesser self

    obstruct the light,

    and in my groping,

    Nephi’s words

    reflect my plight:

    “O wretched man … I am!”

    With him I grieve,

    and sorrow

    over frailties

    that haunt my

    conscious mind

    and tempt with



    I seek to find.

    Yet there is One

    whose light

    will never fail,

    whose mercy

    makes a way

    for my escape.

    He opens up the gates.

    His love can make me whole!

    And with Nephi

    I rejoice

    and plead,

    “O Lord, …

    redeem my soul”!