Help with Your Teens

    “Help with Your Teens,” Ensign, December 2017

    Help with Your Teens

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    Most all of us know teenagers. We’re their parents, leaders, teachers, grandparents, fellow ward members, and friends. We love them and want to help them draw closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, keep the commandments, and establish righteous patterns for the rest of their lives.

    The best way for us to do this is to be with, encourage, and teach them so that they can see our example, feel our love, and taste God’s love through us.

    In addition, the Church provides many resources that can help us strengthen youth. We can use these resources in our homes and in church. And more important, we can point the youth to them so that they can learn and grow on their own.

    Check out these resources for youth available in print, online, or mobile formats.

    The New Era

    This monthly youth magazine contains messages from Church leaders, stories and testimonies from youth, articles on topics of interest to youth, photos, posters, games, questions and answers, and more.

    For the Strength of Youth

    This is the First Presidency’s booklet of standards for youth. It gives youth clear guidelines and counsel about these standards.

    True to the Faith

    This booklet is a dictionary-like list of gospel topics. It gives basic information about each item and was prepared with youth, young adults, and new converts in mind.

    @LDSYouth Instagram Account

    This Instagram account shares inspiring photos, stories, and testimonies of youth around the world.

    LDS Youth Mobile App

    This mobile app has videos, articles, and music.

    LDS Youth Facebook Page

    The LDS Youth page on Facebook posts videos, photos, testimonies, inspirational messages, and much more every day.

    Youth Activities Website

    Need ideas for a Mutual night? Or did you recently do an awesome activity that you’d like to share? On the youth activities website, you and the youth can browse through activities by topic, use online tools to plan an activity, and submit activity ideas to share with others. This is also where you’ll find an archive of past Face to Face event broadcasts.

    Youth Website

    The Church’s youth website has videos, articles, and (perhaps most popular of all) music for youth. In addition, it’s your portal to the Come, Follow Me lessons for youth, the youth activities website, and programs such as Personal Progress and Duty to God online.