Resources for Hearing Impaired
November 2017

“Resources for Hearing Impaired,” Ensign, November 2017

Resources for Hearing Impaired

“To assist members who are hearing impaired, Church-provided technologies are available in temples and meetinghouses,” states a notice sent to leaders worldwide on September 14, 2017. “Leaders should become familiar with these technologies and ensure that all who may benefit are aware of and have access to the equipment.”

In temples, hearing-impaired members can request headsets that use an infrared system that broadcasts within the temple. In meetinghouses, members can access a radio frequency system through either (1) radio frequency (RF) assistive listening receivers, pocket devices that use the chapel or cultural hall audio system to amplify sound to an earpiece, or (2) assistive listening system (ALS) neck loops that broadcast sound directly to an individual’s T-coil-compatible hearing aid.

The notice further instructs that “wards and branches should have multiple [RF] receivers and [ALS] neck loops. As needed, additional devices may be requested through the stake physical facilities representative.”