Missionary Training Centers
November 2017

“Missionary Training Centers,” Ensign, November 2017

Missionary Training Centers

A new missionary training center in Accra, Ghana, and an expanded missionary training center in Provo, Utah, USA, demonstrate the continuing importance of missionary service.

The recently finished Ghana MTC, next to the Accra Ghana Temple, accommodates 320 missionaries and has room to grow. The larger facility accommodates missionaries leaving from west and southeast Africa, as well as missionaries from around the world who have been called to serve in Africa. The new buildings make it easier for missionaries to learn in their native language—English or French—and learn the language and culture of the area where they have been assigned to labor.

The expansion of the Philippines MTC doubles its capacity to 280 missionaries. It includes two new buildings on a five-building campus, located adjacent to the Philippines Area offices and across the street from the Manila Philippines Temple. Since the Philippines MTC opened in 1983, it has served missionaries from, or going to, 60 nations.

The expansion at the Provo MTC includes two new six-story buildings with 200 new classrooms, more than 100 practice teaching rooms, and 13 computer labs where missionaries receive training before they are sent to their assigned areas around the world. The Provo MTC has the capacity to train as many as 3,700 young men, young women, and senior missionaries at a time.

The Church has 15 missionary training centers at various locations worldwide.