The Words We Use
April 2017

“The Words We Use,” Ensign, April 2017

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The Words We Use

Learn how the Friend magazine can help your family understand a different sensitive topic each month.

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You can’t keep your kids from ever hearing bad language, but you can prepare them and teach them the why behind your family and gospel standards. Have a family discussion or lesson about why we use clean words and kind language. What are good words to use? Then talk about how to keep ugly and unkind words out of your home. If your kids do swear, calmly and kindly explain why that’s inappropriate. Let your kids know that if they have questions about words they hear, they can ask you and not get in trouble.

You could use these stories from this month’s Friend to help start a discussion:

  • Brock and the Bad Word” (page 8)—A boy starts swearing to fit in with his friends, then realizes it makes him unhappy and keeps him from feeling the Spirit. A CTR Challenge card helps your kids set goals for using good language.

  • Game Changer” (page 36)—Caleb logs out of his online game when his friends start using bad words, even though he feels different and left out. Even if those around us use bad words, we can still be good examples and treat them kindly and respectfully. Brainstorm ways you and your kids can arm yourselves against the bad language you can’t stop.