Serving Others in Faith
April 2017

“Serving Others in Faith,” Ensign, April 2017


Serving Others in Faith

West Jordan Park Service Day

President Uchtdorf tells us that our faith in God must be “accompanied by action.” When our faith is “yoked with consistent action,” he explains, it “fills … the soul with peace and love.” With the promise of this blessing, we can make a difference, and we can see this in our lives if we take the time to do faith-filled service. You could pray each morning to ask the Lord for help in serving others. For instance, ask Him to show you when a sibling needs help with a chore or when a friend needs a compliment. Then, when you receive a prompting, act on it! If you make these prayers and this service a habit, then your faithful, consistent action will bless your life and the lives of others. President Uchtdorf promises that you “can transform individuals, families, nations, and the world.”