True to Their Faith

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“True to Their Faith,” Ensign, July 2016, 6


True to Their Faith


Photo illustration by Donna Kay Billmire

President Monson tells a story about one pioneer family and then quotes President George Albert Smith: “Will you live true to the faith of your ancestors? … Strive to be worthy of all the sacrifices [they] have made for you.” Whether you have a pioneer ancestry or are a first-generation member of the Church, do you look to examples of faith for guidance and strength? Here’s a good way you can get started:

1. Make a list of people you admire. They can be members of your own family (past or present), friends, Church leaders, or people in the scriptures.

2. Write down the qualities they have that you like. Is your mom really patient? Maybe your friend is kind to others. Perhaps you love Captain Moroni’s courage.

3. Pick one quality from your list and ask yourself, “How can I gain this quality? What do I need to do to develop this in my life?”

4. Write down your plans for developing this quality and put it somewhere you’ll see it often, to remind you of your goal. Pray for Heavenly Father’s help and check your progress regularly. Once you feel you have sufficiently developed this quality, you can pick a new quality to work on.

Remember that as we develop great qualities in ourselves, we not only honor the faith of our ancestors and the sacrifices they made, but we can also be an influence for good to those around us.