Becoming Brigham

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“Becoming Brigham,” Ensign, July 2016, 75

Becoming Brigham

The author lives in Utah, USA

Ensign Magazine, 2016/07 Jul

Cut and fasten, sand and smooth,

Brigham was a worker in wood.

Of grain and fit and strength he knew;

What work he did, it stood.

A careful man, he did not go

With any wind that blew,

But weighed and thought and pondered,

And acted when he knew.

So it was with faith,

For he weighed the gospel well,

And when at length he knew,

He anchored heart and will.

No eager taker of the mantle

To prophet-teacher given,

He bore it nobly when it fell,

And bent his will to heaven’s.

So it is with other prophets,

Each, like Brigham in his way,

Never seeking for the role,

Ever faithful to obey.

For each was ready at the call—

None’s life was bent by careless choice—

Each prepared by heaven’s tutelage

To hear and heed the Master’s voice.