What’s New in the Friend
January 2016

“What’s New in the Friend,” Ensign, January 2016, 72–73

What’s New in the Friend

Are you looking for ways to help children feel the Spirit and grow in the gospel? The Friend (the Church’s magazine for children) just got even more helpful!

1. More for Young Children

Flip the Friend upside down to read the Friend Junior, beginning from the back cover. It’s a brand-new section just for pre- and early readers. Check out “For Parents of Little Ones,” a page of teaching tips on a variety of topics.

2. The Power of the Book of Mormon

Make this life-changing book a part of your children’s lives. To help with that, you’ll find a new Book of Mormon hero card, reading chart coloring page, and simplified Book of Mormon story each month in the magazine.

3. Easy Family Home Evening Ideas

Children can help plan family night! Each month, look for “Family Night Fun” to find an activity, recipe, and other easy family home evening ideas based on stories out of “their” magazine.

4. Primary Connection

Every issue of the Friend has support for the monthly sharing time theme and Primary lessons. Just look in the table of contents for the diamond-shaped “Primary Connection” icon.

family using magazine

Illustration by Bryan Beach

Illustration by Bryan Beach