The Sacrament
January 2016

“The Sacrament,” Ensign, January 2016, 9

Drawing Parallels

The Sacrament

Multiple speakers sometimes address the same gospel topic. Here is what three speakers said about the sacrament:

  • “If we partake of the sacrament in faith, the Holy Ghost will then be able to protect us and those we love from the temptations that come with increasing intensity and frequency.” —President Henry B. Eyring, “The Holy Ghost as Your Companion,” 104.

  • “The Sabbath and the sacrament become much more enjoyable as we study the stories of Christ. In so doing, we create traditions that build our faith and testimony and also protect our family.” —Elder Claudio R. M. Costa, “That They Do Always Remember Him,” 101.

  • “A perfect time to ask the Lord, ‘What lack I yet?’ is when we take the sacrament. … In this reverent atmosphere, as our thoughts are turned heavenward, the Lord can gently tell us what we need to work on next.” —Elder Larry R. Lawrence, “What Lack I Yet?” 34.