Children Say, ‘We Are His Hands’
November 2015

“Children Say, ‘We Are His Hands’” Ensign, November 2015, 143

Children Say, “We Are His Hands”

Children around the world enthusiastically responded to a service campaign launched by Church magazines. The magazines invited children to find ways to serve, then trace their hand on a piece of paper, write their act of service on the handprint, and send it to the Liahona or Friend.

The magazines received more than 30,000 handprints from children who reached out to share the love of the Savior, blessing families and neighborhoods throughout the world.

The inspiration for the campaign came from an April 2010 general conference address by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Second Counselor in the First Presidency, titled “You Are My Hands.” President Uchtdorf told the story of a statue of Jesus Christ damaged in World War II. Unable to replace the statue’s hands when restoring it, townsfolk added these words to the base: “You are my hands.”

Children’s acts of service have been as unique as the handprints they’ve submitted. For example:

Natalie S., age 5, from Hong Kong sent two handprints. One said, “I helped my mom around the house,” and the other, “I helped push someone in a wheelchair.”

Erik S., age 11, from Russia explained, “In the city where I live, there are cold winters.” A family moved to his town, and they did not have warm clothing. “I was able to give my coat to Artur,” Erik said, “and he became my friend.”

Ten-year-old Gabriela P. from Venezuela printed on her handprint: “At my school, my friends and I were in chess class. I was looking for a partner to play with when I saw a new boy who seemed sad. I wanted to help but did not know how. Then a voice told me I just needed to be his friend. I went over and talked to him. Now we are best friends.”

The handprints were displayed at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, for two weeks in September and October.