Conference Story Index
November 2015

“Conference Story Index,” Ensign, November 2015, 134

Conference Story Index

The following list of selected experiences related during general conference can be used in personal study, family home evening, and other teaching. The number refers to the first page of the talk.



Neil L. Andersen

(65) Following the death of their mother, a young man and his siblings are blessed with financial means after the young man accepts a call to serve a full-time mission. Through faith in Jesus Christ, three brothers find strength to carry on after their parents and two siblings die in a plane crash.

Koichi Aoyagi

(126) While talking with a Church leader, Koichi Aoyagi gains a clearer understanding through the Holy Ghost of the role of adversity in the plan of salvation.

David A. Bednar

(128) David A. Bednar learns from Elder Robert D. Hales that when you cannot do what you have always done, you do only what matters most.

Randall K. Bennett

(69) Randall K. Bennett’s youngest grandson stumbles while learning to walk but tries again with his parents’ encouragement. Two Russian Latter-day Saints who feel prompted to share the gospel with each other eventually marry in the temple.

Kim B. Clark

(124) Encouraged by the voice of the Spirit, the parents of Kim B. Clark accept a mission call to the Philippines.

Quentin L. Cook

(39) As a young missionary, Quentin L. Cook learns what it means to be “shipshape and Bristol fashion.” Quentin L. Cook participates in a Jewish Shabbat.

Henry B. Eyring

(80) An elderly sister thanks a deacon for passing her the sacrament. Through the efforts of an elders quorum president, the Lord touches the hearts of several less-active prospective elders. Henry B. Eyring’s great-grandfather rejoices that the Lord watched over and inspired him during a difficult mission.

(104) The Holy Ghost leads Henry B. Eyring’s father to a sacrament meeting in Australia. After his wife dies, Henry B. Eyring’s father is comforted by the Holy Ghost.

Bradley D. Foster

(50) Anne Sullivan helps deaf and blind Helen Keller learn to read. Bradley D. Foster feels an urgency to help his children and grandchildren understand gospel truths after he interviews a worthy prospective missionary.

Allen D. Haynie

(121) After playing in a mud hole as a boy, Allen D. Haynie is not allowed into the house until after his grandmother sprays him clean with a hose.

Jeffrey R. Holland

(47) A dying less-active member of the Church fears to stand before his mother in the next life. A devoted mother helps her son return to the Church. Lisa Tuttle Pieper helps her daughter participate in the Hosanna Shout.

Von G. Keetch

(115) Surfers unhappy about a barrier built across the mouth of an Australian bay learn that the barrier protects them from sharks.

Larry R. Lawrence

(33) Larry R. Lawrence gives several examples of how the Holy Ghost gives “customized counsel” to help people improve.

Neill F. Marriott

(30) After praying and searching 10 years for God, Neill F. Marriott finds and embraces the Church. Sister Marriott’s family exercises faith that they will live eternally with a daughter who dies following a bike accident.

James B. Martino

(58) James B. Martino decides to be baptized after sincerely studying and praying about the Book of Mormon.

Richard J. Maynes

(27) Elder Taiichi Aoba teaches youth to center their clay on a potter’s wheel. Nancy Maynes discovers real joy upon finding and living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Carol F. McConkie

(12) A 102-year-old sister says she earned her Young Womanhood Recognition by repenting every day.

Thomas S. Monson

(83) After repenting and returning to the Church, a woman and her husband find peace and hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

(86) An Israeli official wonders what to do about the light in the eyes of Latter-day Saints attending the BYU Jerusalem Center.

Hugo Montoya

(53) A smile from President Russell M. Nelson brings peace to Hugo Montoya after his call to the Seventy.

Russell M. Nelson

(95) As a young, discouraged open-heart surgeon, Russell M. Nelson returns to work thanks to his wife’s vision, love, and encouragement. A stake Primary president’s inspired comment changes the direction of a stake council meeting.

Linda S. Reeves

(9) After hearing a friend recount some of her challenges, Linda S. Reeves aches for those who have been harmed by others.

Dale G. Renlund

(93) After Dale G. Renlund is called as a bishop, his brother tells him that the Lord called him for what He needs to do through him. The parents of a young man who dies of heart failure comfort Dale G. Renlund.

Gregory A. Schwitzer

(98) Gregory A. Schwitzer helps his grandson feel the melody and message of a hymn he is practicing on the piano.

Vern P. Stanfill

(55) By relying on the collective light of a group of cyclists traveling together through a dark tunnel, Vern P. Stanfill overcomes his anxiety.

Carole M. Stephens

(118) Carole M. Stephens uses love to persuade her granddaughter to stay in her car seat.

Gary E. Stevenson

(91) Following his call as an Apostle, Gary E. Stevenson and his wife, Lesa, find their anchor to be faith in Jesus Christ and knowledge of the plan of salvation.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

(15) An 11-year-old girl learns from her great-aunt that loving God and His children is the key to happiness.

(20) A Relief Society instructor stays up all night to make a quilt for a lesson on simplification.

(76) Dieter F. Uchtdorf is surprised and sad to hear that an Aaronic Priesthood bearer had distanced himself from God.

Rosemary M. Wixom

(6) Heavenly Father answers a young woman’s prayer to know that He loves her. A starving man in Ethiopia is concerned for the welfare of an orphaned baby.