January 2015

“Temples,” Ensign, January 2015, 9

Drawing Parallels


group in front of temple

More than one speaker sometimes address the same gospel topic. Here is what three speakers said about temples:

  • “We can receive inspiration and revelation in the temple—and also power to cope with the adversities of life.” —Sister Linda K. Burton, “Prepared in a Manner That Never Had Been Known,” 111.

  • “By the nourishing spirit of the temple, we can learn the reality, the power, and the hope of the Savior’s Atonement in our personal life.” —Sister Neill F. Marriott, “Sharing Your Light,” 118.

  • “If we are to receive all the blessings God so generously offers, our earthly path must lead to the temple. Temples are an expression of God’s love.” —Sister Jean A. Stevens, “Covenant Daughters of God,” 117.