Faith like Water

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“Faith like Water,” Ensign, January 2015, 73

Faith like Water

The author lives in Oregon, USA.

Faith Like Water

Photograph by AndrewSoundarajan/iStock/Thinkstock

Again, my faith like water falls.

It ebbs and flows in tides

That trap me where I stand.

It cannot hold the weight of all

My hopes and all my fears;

They slip below the surface and

Dwell in depths unseen.

My weary heart is tempted to let

Them lie, untouched, unfelt.

But seedling faith in fourth-watch prayer still

Knows, somehow, that He is there.

He knows of faith and water, and of my

Hopes and fears and depths;

I give them to His keeping,

For holding in His perfect hands.

Again upheld by Saving Grace,

I walk on faith like water.

Photograph by AndrewSoundarajan/iStock/Thinkstock