Willing Sacrifice
December 2013

“Willing Sacrifice,” Ensign, Dec. 2013, 45

Willing Sacrifice

A quiet knock comes at the door,

A contrite sinner ushered in.

One panged with sorrow and regrets

Yearns to abandon worldly chains

And free himself from Satan’s grasp.

A chosen man, ordained of God,

Listens to the heartfelt plea for

Deliverance and clemency.

He, like the Savior, longs to help

This wayward lamb rejoin the flock.

And while he serves, his helpmate waits

As Heaven heals a wounded soul.

Her offering—a patient heart

Unseen by everyone but Him

Who notices the widow’s mite.

The author lives in Alberta, Canada. Apple Pie, by Walter Rane © IRI.