‘Introduction to Mormons’ Videos Available
December 2013

“‘Introduction to Mormons’ Videos Available,” Ensign, Dec. 2013, 14

“Introduction to Mormons” Videos Available

The Church has created a series of videos to provide an introduction to the Church, its members, and its various programs and organizations. The public and members of the media have often requested this type of introductory information as they have become more familiar with the Church in recent years.

The 4- to 10-minute segments feature members of the Church discussing their experiences, beliefs, and practices and provide answers to common questions about the Church. They are a resource for anyone seeking to share or learn more about what Mormons believe.

The longest video is an overview segment, “The Church at a Glance.” Other pieces focus on such topics as humanitarian efforts, beliefs, missionary work, temples, family, education, and Church history and organization. The Church has produced similar videos in the past. Long-term plans include translation and customization of these resources for worldwide use.

The full series of videos can be found on the Church’s Gospel Library app, as well as on Mormon Newsroom’s YouTube channel. Individuals can view the videos, download the files, or share by linking to them from their own social media sites.

A series of videos produced by the Church, “An Introduction to Mormons: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,” provides a resource for anyone seeking to share information or to learn more about Latter-day Saints.