Family Home Evening Ideas
April 2013

“Family Home Evening Ideas,” Ensign, Apr. 2013, 3

Family Home Evening Ideas

This issue contains articles and activities that could be used for family home evening. The following are a few examples.

“The Mission and Ministry of Jesus Christ,” page 32: Elder Russell M. Nelson shares five aspects of the life of Jesus Christ that we can emulate. Consider discussing these aspects and how to apply them personally and as a family. You may want to watch a Bible video (biblevideos.lds.org) to inspire your family and strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ.

“Death and Life: Pioneer Perspectives on the Resurrection,” page 50: Read the article before family home evening and choose which pioneer accounts and which quotations from Church Presidents to discuss as a family. You may also want to read about Jesus’s Resurrection (see Luke 24; John 20), then conclude by sharing your testimonies about the Savior and the promise that we will all be resurrected.

“Growing Relationships,” page 66: Read the stories in the article one at a time, identifying how gardening has blessed each author’s life. Your family may want to consider planting a small garden. If so, make a plan together and keep a record of the blessings you receive as the garden grows.

Photo illustration by Craig Dimond © IRI