A Time to Answer Questions

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“A Time to Answer Questions,” Ensign, Feb. 2013, 67

A Time to Answer Questions

Laura Kimball, Utah, USA

Upon entering high school, our daughter began to struggle spiritually. When my husband and I asked her why she felt troubled, she replied, “I have so many questions that never get answered.” She had a list of topics she didn’t fully understand, such as repentance, forgiveness, and the Atonement. We felt inspired to give her a spiral-bound notebook and asked her to write down all her questions. We told her that each Monday night we would present a lesson addressing one of her questions. She readily agreed and filled several pages of the notebook.

Each week we prayerfully chose a question to address. We searched the scriptures, referred to conference talks, and found examples to reinforce the theme. These lessons were tailored to our daughter’s needs but benefitted the entire family. My husband and I increased our testimonies as we focused our scripture study on a single topic and bore witness of gospel truths. Our children learned that it is OK to ask questions. Most important, our teenager received answers that brought her insight, understanding, and peace.

Illustration by Beth M. Whittaker