“Epiphany,” Ensign, Feb. 2013, 63


    Jack Newman lives in Utah, USA.

    A murmured hush; a voiceless song; a prayer

    Disclosed itself upon my inward heart.

    Just when it first began I’m not aware:

    It came so silently without a start.

    Since first I noticed it, I’ve let it sing;

    It seems I ever knew it, all along;

    And likely such sweet sound will always ring,

    For, since it found me, it has been my song.

    I had not skill enough to know its name:

    This song was sent to me, as are all gifts.

    I knew not how to live until it came,

    But now it lights my way and it uplifts.

    This song shows me the life I did not see:

    It is the voice of God that carries me.

    Photograph by Christina Smith © IRI