How I Stayed Strong in the Gospel
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“How I Stayed Strong in the Gospel,” Ensign, Oct. 2012, 37


How I Stayed Strong in the Gospel

I was baptized when I was 12, and for many years I was the only member of the Church in my family. That wasn’t always easy, but fortunately I was blessed with good leaders who helped me in my journey of learning the doctrines of the gospel and using those doctrines to strengthen and improve my life. Because of my decision to stay true to what I believed, I have seen great blessings come into my life and, much later, into the lives of family members as well.

Here are some things that helped me stay strong:

  • Stay close to Heavenly Father through activities like prayer and scripture study. He is aware of the situations we face. Staying close to Him helped me remember who I am.

  • Follow the counsel of Church leaders. I have seen in my own life the truth of counsel from the prophets and apostles.

  • Know that living the gospel creates a better life now and eternally. This has helped me maintain my standards and faith. Leaders encouraged me to attend the temple, which helped me envision eternal life.

  • Surround yourself with good friends who share your standards. I was blessed with good friends who made it easy to make good decisions and keep my faith.

  • Stay close to your family. I loved my family and wanted to build strong relationships with them.

  • Live the life. Follow the standards and participate in Church programs. They will help you exhibit faith and make good choices. Good choices often make life easier, and they always make life happier.