Family Unity and Puzzles
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“Family Unity and Puzzles,” Ensign, Oct. 2012, 73

Family Unity and Puzzles

Scott Prisbrey, Idaho, USA

My wife and I prepared an object lesson for our children on the importance of family unity by creating a puzzle. I found a current family picture that I then copied and cut into puzzle pieces. I made sure each piece included the face of one family member. Before the lesson I prepared a few thoughts on each person—the things that made him or her unique and special to our family.

As we began the lesson, I gave each member of the family the puzzle piece with his or her face on it, and we assembled the puzzle together. As we fit our pieces in place, I relayed my thoughts and invited them to share their feelings toward each other. When the puzzle was finished, we discussed how, just as each piece is unique and important to the puzzle, each member is unique and important to our family.

We talked about how we must work together to keep unity in our home. This was a great spiritual experience for our family.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker