Pioneer Farewell

    “Pioneer Farewell,” Ensign, July 2012, 45

    Pioneer Farewell

    I look to thee, City Beautiful,

    Beyond the river, lost.

    Lost, now, my home there,

    Wrought in aching toil,

    Where tiny bone of my bone

    Rests beneath the prairie sod.

    That life is past.

    My face is west,

    And my heart will follow,

    Because I know His voice.

    It is the Captain of my captain

    Who calls me to go on,

    And my hand is with the hand

    Of the chosen of the Lord.

    Oh, Joseph! What did you see

    On our horizon?

    Oh, Brigham! What do you know

    Of sorrow yet to come?

    I leave thee, City,

    Without an answer,

    For my soul is settled.

    In camp I echo, “All is well,”

    And I move on,

    To journey, labor, plant,

    For years, or for a life.

    My steel is forged,

    The fire can only temper more.

    But the journey and the years

    Ne’er will dim my view

    Of thy temple on the hill,

    And, hand to plow,

    I sow the hope

    That toil and time will bring

    Nauvoo to live again,

    That our “All is well”

    Will sound once more,

    Someday in thee—

    Someday in Nauvoo.

    Photograph by Bradley Slade, courtesy of Brigham Young University