Spotlighting Our Ancestors

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“Spotlighting Our Ancestors,” Ensign, July 2012, 65

Spotlighting Our Ancestors

Natalie Flynn Carlson, Utah, USA

For family home evening, we used to have family spotlights. A name of a family member would be drawn, and the family would get to hear details about the individual, their likes and dislikes. It was a great way to get to know each other better. After going through our various family members several times, we decided to enhance the spotlight activity.

Now, instead of drawing the name of an immediate family member, we select one of our ancestors. The presenter shares details such as how they are related to us, when and where they were born, and specifics about their immediate family. We highlight their baptismal and temple ordinances. Did they receive them during their lifetime? If not, how long did they have to wait for their temple work to be done? When possible we also share stories from their lives, including their conversions.

Spotlighting our ancestors has had a tremendous impact on our family. Our children are young and are already realizing the importance and sacredness of the temple and its grand purpose. They are seeing their ancestors as real individuals that they are connected to and with whom they will one day be reunited.

Photograph © Rosalie Westenskow