Book of Mormon Reenactment
June 2012

“Book of Mormon Reenactment,” Ensign, June 2012, 67

Book of Mormon Reenactment

Ben and Jade Stellmon, Idaho, USA

In order to keep our young children focused during family home evening, we started reenacting scripture stories as part of our lessons. We use Book of Mormon Stories (item number 35666000), the Church’s publication for children, as a resource. Each week one parent reads a chapter while the other helps our children act out the story.

By reenacting the stories in addition to reading them, we’ve realized the importance for our children not only to read the principles of the Book of Mormon, but also to live those principles. As our children grow, we look forward to having more opportunities for involved conversations and lessons during family home evening. For now we enjoy teaching our children the stories in the Book of Mormon at a level they can understand and making family home evening a weekly habit.