Small and Simple Things
June 2012

“Small and Simple Things,” Ensign, June 2012, 72–73

Small & Simple Things

“By small and simple things are great things brought to pass” (Alma 37:6).

Left, top: photograph by Busath Photography; other photographs © IRI, except as noted; photograph of choir outside Sydney Australia Opera House © Deseret Morning News; right: detail from Road to Bethlehem, by Joseph Brickey © 2000; Sariah, Wife of Lehi, by Nathan Pinnock; The Substance of Hope (Anna), by Elspeth Young, may not be copied; detail from Adam and Eve Kneeling at an Altar, by Del Parson © 1988 IRI; detail from Oh, Blessed Jesus, by Walter Rane; detail from Being in the World but Not of the World, by Paul Mann; Queen Esther, by Minerva Teichert © William and Betty Stokes; Mary Heard His Word, by Walter Rane © 2001; Emma Hale Smith, by Lee Greene Richards © 1941 IRI; detail from Ruth and Naomi, by Judith Mehr © 1992