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April 2012

“On the Web,” Ensign, Apr. 2012, 78

On the Web

ASL Seminary Classes Blossom at Site of Original Seminary

Today in Salt Lake City, at the same site where seminary was first offered in 1912, Nathan Van De Graaff teaches seminary in American Sign Language (ASL) to students who are participating from their homes across the United States.

The class is possible because of videophone technology, similar to Web cameras, which allows the Deaf to see and talk with each other using ASL. It allows a teacher to teach several students at once and makes it possible for students to see and sign to their classmates.

For more information about ASL seminary, visit news.lds.org and search using the keywords “ASL seminary” or visit seminary.lds.org/asl.

Relief Society Sisters Invited to Serve to Mark Anniversary

To honor the 170th anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society on March 17, 2012, members of the organization are invited to participate in activities throughout the year that engage them in the work of Relief Society.

This anniversary, said the Relief Society general presidency, presents a natural opportunity for sisters to reinforce in their lives the purposes taught in Daughters in My Kingdom: The History and Work of Relief Society.

Suggestions for activity ideas and additional information are available in the “Relief Society” section of Serving in the Church on LDS.org.

New Features Available on Gospel Library App

In an effort to provide additional Church content to more people around the world, the free Gospel Library app is now available in more than a dozen languages across five platforms.

At mobile.LDS.org, members can download the app for Android, Apple, BlackBerry, webOS, and Windows Mobile, gaining instant access to the scriptures, general conference addresses, Sunday manuals, and other Church materials on their mobile devices.

ASL seminary instructor Emmalee Christensen teaches multiple students through videophone technology.

Photograph by Jim Schoneman