In Other Church Magazines
April 2012

“In Other Church Magazines,” Ensign, Apr. 2012, 79

In Other Church Magazines

The New Era

Why Should I Go to Seminary?

The April New Era focuses on seminary and how it blesses LDS youth around the world. Read about the purpose and blessings of seminary on pages 10 and 24. On page 8, find out why youth in the jungles of Ecuador love to go to seminary. April’s Q&A answers the question “Why do I need to go to seminary if I can just study the scriptures on my own?” And for an answer to the question “What comes after seminary?” turn to page 27 for an article about the Church’s institute program.

Patchwork of Progress

With encouragement from their leaders, young women in one ward have learned piece by piece and stitch by stitch that if they keep working steadily toward a worthy goal, the final product will be one they can treasure. Read their story on page 28.

The Friend

Learning about Gospel Standards

The April Friend includes stories, activities, and other features that focus on each of the gospel standards included on the Primary’s “My Gospel Standards” poster. These standards help children learn to follow Jesus Christ and stay on the path that will take them to the temple. Complete the activity on pages 4–5 with your children as you hunt through the magazine to find the stories and activities that will help them learn about their gospel standards.

“My Gospel Standards” Poster

Help your children learn about “My Gospel Standards” on a daily basis by removing the poster on page 6 of the Friend and placing it in a prominent place in your home.