Vancouver British Columbia Temple
July 2011

“Vancouver British Columbia Temple,” Ensign, July 2011, 72

Temple Spotlight

Vancouver British Columbia Temple

On May 2, 2010, the Vancouver British Columbia Temple became the 131st temple to be dedicated in this dispensation. The temple covers 28,165 square feet (2,617 m2) and contains a baptistry, a celestial room, two endowment rooms, and two sealing rooms. Inside, the color scheme features green, light blue, and gold, honoring the majesty of the forests, sea, and sky of the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific dogwood, the provincial flower of British Columbia, is portrayed in paintings and fabrics throughout the building.

The night before the dedication, more than 1,200 youth participated in a cultural celebration. Titled “A Beacon to the World,” the show portrayed the history and people of Canada. At the beginning of the celebration, President Monson changed the opening hymn to the national anthem of Canada, saying, “We are here to enjoy Canada with you.”

In the dedicatory prayer, President Monson said: “May all who enter have clean hands and pure hearts. May their faith increase as they labor here for those who have gone before. May they depart with a feeling of peace, praising Thy holy name.”1

From top: A look at the baptistry, decorative details, and celestial room of the Vancouver British Columbia Temple.