Fasting Journal
July 2011

“Fasting Journal,” Ensign, July 2011, 73

Fasting Journal

Renee Harding, North Carolina, USA

Fasting used to be difficult for me—until I began keeping a fasting journal. Now, before I begin each fast, I write down a specific purpose for my fast. For example, I might write, “Because I am so nervous about my new calling as Beehive adviser, I am fasting and praying that the Lord will bless me to be calm, confident, and composed tomorrow when I teach my first lesson.”

Throughout my fast, I jot down relevant things that transpire; thoughts, feelings, and impressions that come into my mind and heart; and scriptural references that especially pertain to the purpose of my fast.

As I share my desires with Heavenly Father, He often blesses me in ways I had not imagined. What might otherwise seem to be random events in my life are clearly linked when I write them down and see how they all contribute to my growth and development. Since 1996, when I first began keeping a fasting journal, I have seen how Heavenly Father has blessed my life. I testify of the incredible spiritual power of fasting and praying and consider fasting an opportunity for “rejoicing and prayer” (D&C 59:14).