Elder W. Christopher Waddell
May 2011

“Elder W. Christopher Waddell,” Ensign, May 2011, 136

Elder W. Christopher Waddell

Of the Seventy

Elder W. Christopher Waddell

An unwritten guiding principle in Elder Wayne Christopher Waddell’s family has always been, “Trust in the Lord.”

“As you trust in the Lord, you don’t have to worry about major changes,” Elder Waddell says of life’s unexpected twists and turns. “We know He has our best interests at heart, and we will be blessed.”

Elder Waddell was born in June 1959 in Manhattan Beach, California, USA, and is the son of Wayne and Joann Waddell. He received a bachelor’s degree in history from San Diego State University, where he also played volleyball. He has worked in many positions in a global investment services firm.

Elder Waddell married Carol Stansel on June 7, 1984, in the Los Angeles California Temple. They have four children. Unity is paramount in the Waddell family. They attribute that unity to striving to follow the Savior’s gospel in their home. Family activities also have been important—spending time together at beaches near their home and attending sporting events as a family.

Prior to his call to the First Quorum of the Seventy, Elder Waddell served as a full-time missionary in Spain, bishop, high councilor, mission president’s counselor, stake president, president of the Barcelona Spain Mission, and Area Seventy.

Elder Waddell says that one experience has built upon another and each continues to add to the “treasure of testimony” that he relies on to face challenges in life.

When speaking of preparation for his new calling, Elder Waddell speaks of the temple.

“What prepared us for this? When we went to the temple for the first time and made covenants, we pledged to be willing to do whatever it was the Lord asked us, even if it wasn’t convenient,” he says. “Going to the temple, serving a mission, making covenants, and then seeing His hand and how He directs the work—that is all you need. We aren’t doing anything unique; we are keeping covenants we’ve made, just like everyone else.”