Where Is It in the Scriptures?
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“Where Is It in the Scriptures?” Ensign, Jan. 2011, 55


Where Is It in the Scriptures?

Listed below are eight stories from the scriptures. Find which book of scripture each story comes from. If you’re not sure, look up the subject of the story in the index, Topical Guide, or Guide to the Scriptures.

  • Nephi breaks his hunting bow. (1)

  • Noah builds the ark. (2)

  • The Word of Wisdom is given. (3)

  • Esther saves her people. (4)

  • The prodigal son returns home. (5)

  • Captain Moroni makes the title of liberty. (6)

  • Jesus teaches the Sermon on the Mount. (7)

  • The Kirtland Temple is dedicated. (8)

Now find the numbers in the puzzle that match the number in parentheses. Color those spaces the color listed below for that book of scripture.

Old Testament=blue

New Testament=red

Book of Mormon=yellow

Doctrine and Covenants=brown

color by number

Illustration by Adam Koford