Presidents of the Church
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“Presidents of the Church,” Ensign, Jan. 2011, 72

Presidents of the Church

How well do you know the Presidents of the Church? Take this quiz and find out. Answers are below.

  1. After Joseph Smith, who served the shortest time as an Apostle before becoming President of the Church?

  2. Who served for the longest total time as a General Authority?

  3. Who served the longest time as Church President?

  4. Who was the only Church President born outside the United States?

  5. Before President Thomas S. Monson, who was the only Church President to have served as a bishop?

  6. Who served a mission to what is now the Hawaiian Islands when he was only 15?

  7. Who served as the United States Secretary of Agriculture while also serving as an Apostle?

  8. Who was the longest-living President of the Church?

  9. Who broke bones in his arms and legs, accidentally split his foot with an ax, was bitten by a rabid dog, had his legs crushed by falling trees, nearly died of blood poisoning, nearly drowned, nearly froze to death, and survived the wreck of a speeding train?


Joseph Smith

Brigham Young

John Taylor

Wilford Woodruff

Lorenzo Snow

Joseph F. Smith

Heber J. Grant

George Albert Smith

David O. McKay

Joseph Fielding Smith

Harold B. Lee

Spencer W. Kimball

Ezra Taft Benson

Howard W. Hunter

Gordon B. Hinckley

Thomas S. Monson

Portraits by Larry Winborg © 1990