A Guide to Help Us Get Home
September 2010

“A Guide to Help Us Get Home,” Ensign, Sept. 2010, 6


A Guide to Help Us Get Home

How would you feel if you were lost and didn’t know the way to get home to your family? Would you be happy if you could follow someone who could show you the way? President Eyring says the Book of Mormon is like a guide that helps us get back home to Heavenly Father.

Look at the pictures of some things the Book of Mormon tells us we need to do to get back home. Read 2 Nephi 31:10, 11, 20. Below each picture, write the correct verse from the Book of Mormon. You will need to use one of the verses twice.

picture activity

Illustrations by Steve Kropp

Repent and be baptized.

Have bright hope.

Love God and all people.

Follow Jesus.