Dinnertime—a Learning Time
September 2010

“Dinnertime—a Learning Time,” Ensign, Sept. 2010, 73

Dinnertime—a Learning Time

Serena Gedlaman, Alberta, Canada

Turn dinnertime into learning time. All you have to do is keep a few Church curriculum items handy at the dinner table. In our house we often use materials that teach our children. For instance, we have referred to the Faith in God for Girls guidebook, the Young Women Personal Progress booklet, and the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. Of course, we also keep the scriptures nearby.

Sometimes we read a few paragraphs and discuss them. Other times we look up scriptural references. We’ve even memorized the fifth article of faith and discussed its meaning as we ate.

When you occasionally set the table with these visual reminders, it’s easy to remember how important it is to feed ourselves spiritually as well as physically.