Family Home Evening Testimonies

“Family Home Evening Testimonies,” Ensign, July 2010, 73

Family Home Evening Testimonies

Jennifer Johnson, Nevada, USA

Parents and teachers should help children learn what a testimony is,” the First Presidency stated, “and when it is appropriate for them to express it.” They advised, “It may be best to have younger children learn to share their testimonies at such times as family home evening or when giving talks in Primary until they are old enough to do so in a fast and testimony meeting.”1

When our bishopric shared this letter from the pulpit, I thought about how our family could support this counsel. After some thought, we decided that the first Monday evening of the month would be a family testimony meeting in our home. When the time came, we parents led by example, and then each of our children participated. From that simple start, our family testimony meeting has become a tradition. For us, the first Monday of the month is ideal because it follows fast Sunday.

Through the comments shared, we catch a greater glimpse of what’s going on in each other’s lives. Our oldest daughter shared what joy she felt while doing baptisms for the dead for the first time. We have also learned how family members have been strengthened through the power of prayer.

While listening to our children’s testimonies, I have received more inspiration about how to help them. And my own testimony has been strengthened as I share it with those I love most.

Illustration by Beth Whittaker