Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Friend

“Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Friend,” Ensign, July 2010, 6


Jesus Christ, Our Perfect Friend

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Left: illustrations by Phyllis Luch, Robert T. Barrett, Beth M. Whittaker, and Dilleen Marsh

President Eyring said that Jesus is our perfect friend. Here are some ways that Jesus shows His perfect friendship for us.

He wants what is best for us.

He is happy when we are happy.

He feels sorrow when we are sad or hurt.

He suffered for our sins so we can return to Heavenly Father.

Being a Friend for Jesus

President Eyring said we can become Jesus’s friend by being a friend to others for Him. These pictures show some of the ways we can be a friend. Write the letter of the picture next to the sentence that describes the picture.

We can invite someone to come back to church.

We can be a friend to someone who is lonely.

We can help someone who is sad.

We can always remember Jesus.