Where Do We Keep the … ?

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“Where Do We Keep the … ?” Ensign, Oct. 2009, 71

Where Do We Keep the … ?

Angela Smith, Maryland, USA

After having an almost-empty house for a few years, my parents welcomed the return of their children who had completed missions or college semesters. During the first busy days with a full house again, my mother spent a lot of time answering the question: “Where do you keep the … ?” Extra toiletries, cleaning supplies, and the like all seemed to be in new places since we’d lived at home.

Finally, my mother decided to answer everyone at once—with a tour of our home. At family home evening, she showed my brothers and sisters where she kept things in the closets, storage areas, and the garage. To make sure everyone had paid attention, she ended the tour with a written quiz—and some prizes! Now it was her turn to ask, “Where are the flashlights?” “Where do we keep the laundry supplies and towels?” The quiz was thorough, and everyone had fun reacquainting themselves with Mom’s housekeeping routine.

With my own young family, we have modified this activity as a scavenger hunt. Our small children love trying to remember where we keep things, especially infrequently used items. I feel safer knowing that they can find important items such as our phone lists and emergency kits. We take care to store medications and other potentially harmful supplies safely out of their reach. But we do encourage our children to achieve as much independence at home as they can. And for them, this is a fun game.