Church Sends Aid After Typhoons Kill Hundreds in Asia

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“Church Sends Aid After Typhoons Kill Hundreds in Asia,” Ensign, Oct. 2009, 79

Church Sends Aid After Typhoons in Asia

No members or missionaries were harmed during August 2009 when a pair of typhoons swept across eastern Asia.

Typhoon Morakot dumped a record 80 inches (2 meters) of rain on Taiwan in a single weekend. Confirmed dead number at least 136, with nearly 400 missing and feared to be buried beneath massive mudslides.

Church leaders mobilized to assist in cleanup efforts and to help supply food, water, and other necessary items.

Morakot claimed another 22 lives in the Philippines. Local priesthood leaders assisted 30 members who lost their homes.

Typhoon Etau killed at least 13 in Japan. Two earthquakes also shook the island. The first was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake, and the second was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake that triggered a small tsunami.