Our Sabbath ‘Can-Do’ Box
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“Our Sabbath ‘Can-Do’ Box,” Ensign, Sept. 2009, 70

Our Sabbath “Can-Do” Box

Stacilee Oakes Whiting, Utah, USA

Our family has a “can-do” box that’s brimming with appropriate activities for Sabbath worship. Over time, we’ve added or rotated many things, but we started with just a few dress-up items. It all began when we saw a Sunday dress-up box that one of our ward members had. The children absolutely loved it because they could reenact scripture stories in costume. Simple props like a bathrobe; an old dress; a child’s plastic sword, shield, and armor; and many other inexpensive or recycled items are possibilities.

We also wanted to encourage letter writing, so we added a container of writing supplies. We included addressed envelopes, stickers, and colored markers and pens. Even our youngest child loved sending letters to ward missionaries and family members.

Of course, we had to have a variety of wholesome games, including word searches and crossword puzzles. We even recycled leftover Primary lesson materials and old singing time props. The children were delighted to play with these appealing teaching materials.

Be creative and customize your Sunday box with a variety of things. Church magazines, audiovisual materials, wholesome books—there’s so much to enjoy. If everyone in the family is invited to contribute something, your “can-do” box will be filled with wonderful activities for a Sabbath day.