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“Contents,” Ensign, Sept. 2009, 1–3


September 2009 Volume 39 • Number 9

On the cover

Front: In Favor with God, by Simon Dewey. Back: Photo illustration by Jerry Garns.

Using This Issue

Sit at the feet of prophets. General Conference is October 3 and 4. How might you prepare for the messages that will be shared? What answers have you found to your questions and challenges through the words of living prophets? Read four members’ experiences on p. 34.

Start your home storage. “Two Cans of Corn” (p. 66) shares ways you can be creative in starting home storage when space, budget, or other resources are limited. You might also buy products from a home storage center or The Family Home Storage Starter Kit (item no. 06604000), is a great way to begin.

Strengthen your family. Several articles in this issue focus on building family relationships (see pp. 12, 17, 46, 62). You can find more information on helping your family at under “Home and Family” and then “Building a Strong Family.” You’ll find tips on strengthening marriages, improving parent-child relationships, and much more.