Real Pictures, Real Principles

“Real Pictures, Real Principles,” Ensign, Feb. 2009, 68–69

Real Pictures, Real Principles

Jeanne Koniuszy, Arizona

“When you teach real doctrines and principles,” our stake Primary music leader said, “you need real pictures.” I knew she was right and that her message also came from the Primary general board. Though I had often used commercially prepared materials to illustrate the Primary songs I was teaching, I resolved to find “real pictures.”

I soon found a variety of good sources—some right in my home—that I could use as is, cut out, or copied. Church magazines, the Gospel Art Picture Kit, old lesson manual picture packets, illustrated scripture readers, the family home evening manual, and the Children’s Songbook have been some of my best and most readily available resources. Sometimes I have had to search a little to find just the right visual, but the effect is worth it. A cartoon sketch does not convey the same feelings as a beautiful piece of art or other carefully prepared illustrations or pictures. I have a testimony that using Church-approved visuals invites the Spirit to enlighten the children’s minds as they learn and sing gospel truths.