Cards That Keep

“Cards That Keep,” Ensign, Feb. 2009, 69

Cards That Keep

Kimball Benson, Utah

I gave my wife what I thought was a one-time gift for Christmas, but when Valentine’s Day drew close, I saw my gift as one that could truly “keep on giving.” I enjoy giving cards to my wife, but I realized that they were usually read once or twice and then tossed into a box or binder or discarded in the trash. I wanted something that would be long lasting for my wife to read again and again. So I substituted an inexpensive notebook for my Christmas card and wrote down my memories and feelings about our courtship and marriage. There was no specific order or theme to my entries. I just wrote down what came to mind.

When Valentine’s Day approached, I decided to pull out the notebook, write down my feelings once again, and wrap it up as my “card.” After this, the notebook entries weren’t just for holiday gifts. Now anytime she does something kind for me or I feel a rush of love and appreciation for her, I pull out the notebook and record those feelings. I never tell her when I have added an entry. I let her be surprised when she checks the notebook periodically.

And I was pleasantly surprised for my birthday when my wife gave me my own “notebook card,” sharing her feelings for me. We look forward to filling these notebooks and many more for years to come.