Food Storage Products Available through Distribution Services
October 2008

“Food Storage Products Available through Distribution Services,” Ensign, Oct. 2008, 78–79

Food Storage Products Available through Distribution Services

The Church has had to increase production to keep up with the demand for items associated with the family home storage starter kit available through Distribution Services to members in the United States.

The family home storage starter kit, introduced in December 2007, contains six cans of longer-term food supply (wheat, rice, beans, and oats) to help members start their home food storage. Each item has an expected shelf life of 30 years or more if stored in a cool (75° F/24°C or lower), dry place.

Beginning in March 2008, Church members in the U.S. could also purchase cases of wheat, white rice, pinto beans, and quick oats at the Salt Lake Distribution Center by phone (1-800-537-5971) or online at LDSCatalog.com. Phone and online orders are sent directly to the customer’s home.

In August 2007 Welfare Services published All Is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage (item no. 04008), a new pamphlet on food storage in which the First Presidency encouraged members worldwide to prepare against adversity. The pamphlet outlines a pattern for members to follow: (1) build up a three-month supply of food most often eaten, (2) have a supply of drinking water, (3) establish a financial reserve, and (4) build a longer-term supply where permitted. Each of these steps should be done gradually, according to individual or family circumstances and as local laws allow.

Additional magazine articles on home storage and family finances will appear regularly through 2009 as well as on the Church’s Web sites at LDS.org and ProvidentLiving.org.

Members in the United States may order basic food storage supplies through distribution centers online or by phone.