“Comment,” Ensign, Aug. 2008, 80


    Ideal Missionary Tool

    As soon as we saw the beautiful March Ensign we decided to get additional copies for nonmember friends and family. It felt like the most ideal missionary tool to share the message of Easter.

    Unfortunately, we have not been able to get a single additional copy of it, because the distribution center at the Preston England Temple sold out as soon as supplies arrived.

    If you plan to do a similar wonderful Ensign in December to celebrate the Savior’s birth, please will you make enough copies available for members like myself in England, and in time for us to be able to mail them or hand deliver them before Christmas.

    Christine Chadwick, England

    Conference Memories

    One wonderful memory of Grandma, who passed away two years ago at age 93, was of her sitting in front of her television on general conference weekends, dressed in her Sunday best and raising her hand to sustain the prophet and those serving with him. Inspired by a suggestion in Random Sampler in the April 2008 issue (page 75), we came together as a family on Grandma’s birthday to hold a general conference review where all were invited to share their thoughts on a conference talk. It was a very positive experience, and we hope it was the beginning of a wonderful new family tradition. Thank you!

    Cindy Thomas, Utah