“Contents,” Ensign, Aug. 2008, 1–3


    August 2008 Volume 38 • Number 8

    Single and Steadfast: Lessons in Hope, p. 20

    On the cover

    Photograph by Jerry Garns

    Using This Issue

    Living fully. Several articles in this month’s issue focus on living rich, productive lives (see pp. 4, 20, 26). Your circumstances may differ from those described in the articles, but think about how the principles apply to your situation.

    Teaching children what matters most. Pages 34, 52, 54, and 60 address some of the challenges of parenthood—as well as approaches that some parents are taking in teaching the gospel to their children. After reading these articles, consider what you might do to teach gospel principles more effectively.

    Connect scriptures with general conference addresses. Now that you have ideas for getting more out of your scripture study (p. 17), you might be interested in other tools that can offer insight and background. For instance, the Web site links scripture verses to the general conference addresses in which the verses were cited.