Family Reunion Story Time

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“Family Reunion Story Time,” Ensign, July 2007, 74

Family Reunion Story Time

Family history skits can help us, and especially our children, learn about our progenitors as we reenact their tales of courage and sacrifice. Before a family reunion, we wrote a simple story outlining an ancestor’s life. To more easily identify his family members, we prepared nametag posters for participants at the reunion to slip around their necks. We also made simple signs that designated cities and places relevant to the story and added a few props, such as a shawl and hat. Then, at the reunion, we asked one person to be the narrator and invited others to participate as the story unfolded. During one tender part, family members embraced, without prompting, to reenact when a young ancestor died and went to “heaven,” where she was met by her sister who had died previously. For all of us, the experience was a beautiful way to pay respect to and remember those who have gone before us.
Nita Smart Facer, California

Illustrations by Scott Greer