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“Comment,” Ensign, July 2007, 80


Examples of Missionary Work

Thank you so much for the brief stories about missionary work (March 2007 Latter-day Saint Voices). Reading experiences that testify of Heavenly Father’s tender mercies as we share the gospel brings me greater hope and encourages me to be sensitive to the Spirit.
Sister Shannon Miller, New York Utica Mission

Teaching Children about General Conference

About two years ago a pre-conference issue of the Ensign contained an article by a single mother telling how she prepares conference baskets for her children when they spend general conference weekends at their father’s house. (See “Random Sampler,” Ensign, Oct. 2005, 70–71.) One of her suggestions to help small children focus on conference was to provide simple illustrations of the conference pulpit so that the child could draw each speaker, write the speaker’s name and topic, and write his or her own feelings during the talk.

As a Relief Society secretary, I shared this idea in our branch Relief Society the month before each general conference. Now as a Primary teacher, I make a similar sheet for the CTR 5 children. Several mothers commented to me that they were going to make extra copies of the sheets for their older children as well.

Thank you for providing a forum for sharing such practical ideas to help teach children the gospel.
Tena L. Cook, Nebraska

General Conference and Family Home Evening

Thank you for converting general conference talks to materials for family home evening lessons. I was awaiting my Ensign to try and make up lessons when I received an e-mail telling me about the General Conference and Family Home Evening page (available at www.lds.org/gospellibrary on the General Conference and Family Home Evening Page). How wonderful to have this resource available to use without all the work! It’s also nice to have this so soon after conference so we can start reinforcing the wonderful talks and lessons given. Thank you.
Cherlynn Bell, Missouri

A Note on Descendancy Research

I am writing concerning George Durrant’s article, “Branching Out on Your Family Tree” (April 2007). I have been doing descendancy research for 30 years and am very careful to defer to living relatives. However, Brother Durrant failed to mention the factor that impels me most. I find that many relatives died having never had children or having had their children die before reaching adulthood, leaving no descendant. Descendancy research is the only way their temple work will be done.
Catherine H. Ellis, Arizona


The April 2007 issue listed information for Church pageants in 2007. The phone numbers given for information on the Oakland Temple Pageant were incorrect. The correct phone numbers are 510-531-0704 or 510-531-1475.

Also in that issue, the Ensign reported that Elder Parley P. Pratt died and was buried in Van Buren, Arkansas. The location of his grave is actually in nearby Alma, Arkansas, where Church members regularly care for the site.