Sharing Dinner, Sharing Conversation
June 2007

“Sharing Dinner, Sharing Conversation,” Ensign, June 2007, 70

Sharing Dinner, Sharing Conversation

Macaroni and cheese. Top Ramen. These sometimes become the food staples of young adults living on their own. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. When I was a student, my roommates and I decided to take turns preparing dinner. (You could also form a dinner group with neighboring students.) Each of us had one night during the week when we cooked a delicious and somewhat nutritious meal. It didn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive. The food tasted good simply because we enjoyed one another’s company while we ate. Even though we are no longer roommates, we still reminisce about the good times we shared around our apartment dinner table.
Stefanie Rasmussen, Utah